Stella M Dass

BA Health and Community Studies, Dip Counselling Primary Health Care, MSc in Counselling, Dip CBT, EMDR Level 3, MNCS (Snr Accred)

Solution-focused counselling in Bristol

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Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT) I possess a diploma in CBT and utilizes an adaptable approach in changing maladaptive or rigid ways of thinking and feeling. It is not the events themselves, simply the meaning a person gives them. Negative / anxious thought patterns that develop over time, become a belief system and fail to change. By identifying these negative or distorted perceptions, the therapist can evaluate and change the way the client is thinking and ultimately feeling.


Because this therapy is pertaining to the client’s individual needs and focuses on their negative / anxious thought patterns and processes, they will learn to become more flexible and are able to accept and adapt new cognitive skills. CBT therefore encourages better coping skills and strategies.


Feedback at the beginning of each session is vital, such as what has worked and what has not. The emphasis is on collaborating together and to experiment and explore different ways for the individual client to overcome their difficulties.


CBT is a brief therapy for many disorders, anxiety, depression, panic, stress management, self-harm, relationship issues, insomnia and many other problems.


Counselling  Sometimes called the 'talking therapy', counselling enables you to:


Explore difficulties, reflect upon your life experiences, emotions past and present and develop new choices.


Discover a new awareness of yourself.


Develop new positive coping strategies.


Create changes in your life.


Counselling provides an opportunity to talk in confidence, to someone who has the skills and experience to reflect and listen to what is being said without judging or advising. It will enable the process of empowerment to happen, and allow a route forward, so the appropriate changes can take place.

Solution-focused CBT and Counselling in Bristol